• 5 March 2021

March marks a year since the beginning of the global pandemic we are currently in. All though it has been frightening at times we have also experienced some very positive news. That being the baby boom!! 

VIB®️ has built a great network in the maternity care department over the past few years. In the many conversations we have had with maternity nurses one thing really stuck out. They all claimed the same thing it has never before been so busy. According to multiple studies there have been reports ranging anywhere from 10% up to 22% more pregnancies during the pandemic than before. Babies are being born faster than you can say BABYBOOM. 

This is great news, hearing that many families are healthy, happy and expanding! Here at VIB®️ we have been preparing for the awaited BABY BOOM and boy is it booming. We are extremely happy that so many healthy babies have been born. 

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